Monday, 17 January 2011

Here she is

For those of you who were wonering what those buttons and embroidery turned into: a new Pippa shoulder bag.
Made from sky blue corduroy (not the same robin's egg blue as in some of my other designs) and warm grey canvas with dark grey handles, floral print lining, an interior zippered pocket and a swivel hook.

There are other almost finished projects on my sewing table, I will try to list them in the next few days.

Have a wonderful start of the new week, everyone!


  1. Iz projekta v projekt so lepše. LP, Mateja

  2. Ohh, lepotička ♥ Dodelana tako od zunaj kot znotraj, tako kot ti znaš.
    To pa je torbica, kakršno mora bit veselje nosit, z obliko in vsebino.
    Zadnje čase se pojavlja vse preveč žakljčkov.
    Se že veselim novih bolj pomladno obarvanih izdelkov na tvojih poličkah :)

  3. An absolutely gorgeous bag!! Love the colors and the embroidery design is so lovely. The inside is as pretty as the outside!

  4. the mystery is solved, looks great!


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