Saturday, 15 January 2011

My workspace

I am enjoying a sewing day (thanks to my darling husband who took the children to grandma's), working on some new designs. My shop needs more shoulder bags so I have a couple of Pupa bags in mind and a smaller version, Pippa, that is almost finished.

When I am not pressed for time, I like to move away from my sewing corner in the bedroom and nestle on the couch, watching some of my favourite shows on DVD while I sew on buttons or beads. So instead of showing you my messy sewing space, here is a look at the coffee table and a piece of sky blue corduroy with some embroidery, felt applique and buttons I am about to sew on.

I hope to add the new items to my shop on Monday, stay tuned!


  1. intrigue..... Will it be a purse or a zipper pouch? I can see it both ways..hmm. Have fun completeing it!

  2. I love combination of those two colours. Sophisticated!

  3. Ne drzem si slikati mojega delovnega kotička :-) No, slikati že, objaviti ne! A ko zaključim, je vse (bolj ali manj skrbno) (po)spravljeno v škatlo.


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