Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Still cloudy today ...

... which is why I have colour on my mind!

I made two new corduroy Maia clutches last night and just finished listing them; I took pictures at midday when the natural light was the least dull but I still had a hard time capturing their true colours; in reality this soft corduroy in robin's egg blue and dark salmon is extremely vibrant and juicy.

New clutches are now available in my shop, I hope they cheer up your cloudy day!


  1. Sweet Damjana, very sweet and lovely!

  2. Modra skriva čudovito notranjost. Luštno :)

  3. I know it is very hard to photograph corduroy and capture it's true color and beauty.

    In any case, the two pouches you made are beauties!

  4. They are lovely! I love their colors and if I have to choose one of them not sure I'll be able to choose wich one is better!

  5. Pa ne... ne dveh čudovitih naenkrat!

  6. Žamet + gumbki (gumbki za srečo!) = odlična kombinacija :-)


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